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CCC family,

The Lord bless and keep you this week!

I miss seeing so many of you, and I pray that you are in relationship with one another and “helping walk in step with the Gospel.”

If you missed our time in worship and Word this past Sunday, please do not miss this critical avenue of participation/worship/shepherding/leadership.  Frankly, I spoke boldly about our current cultural/social upheaval – maybe even went quite a ways out on a limb – to talk about how we will preach Christ and him crucified ALONE amidst it all… but that limb did not break!  It will not!  Listen HERE.

In preparation for worship this upcoming Lord’s Day, please read the Book of Jonah!  We will begin a 7 week series this Sunday.   Oh the message of this prophetic book!  Our God is a God of relentless grace and mercy…


–        This Lord’s Day: Pastor Steve Perkins, the previous pastor at CCC, will be leading both worship services as well as administering the Sacrament, and AJ Babel will be preaching.  You will be edified. God has enabled AJ to preach and teach on Jonah in various contexts among university students over recent years, as well as given him opportunity to study the book in depth in his Hebrew exegesis classes at RTS.  May God anchor you through your prioritization of Lord’s Day worship, in-person or online.

–        Pastoral travel: Pastor Bill and Sharon are out on vacation this week, and my family will be out on vacation NEXT week.  We actually will both be gone this upcoming Lord’s Day, July 5 (my failure to plan well!)   Please know –  I am here and present THIS week, and Bill will be available in my absence NEXT week.  The Session/Deacons and AJ (pastoral intern) are available should you have pastoral need for care.

–        COVID-19 sensitivity and care: We have been worshiping for many weeks in-person, and I want to thank you for your continued sensitivity to social distancing, as well as to being gracious to one another in our variegated needs/interpretations of this public health trial.  Many of you have indicated your imminent return.  Some of you are choosing to wear masks, some of you are not.  Some are choosing to remain worshiping at home, some are in person.  All of you, thank you for your respect and others-awareness.  Parents – reminder for in-person worship: please do your very best to monitor children before/after the services, and please know that intergenerational family worship is God’s BEAUTIFUL work.  It is our conviction at CCC.  We are blessed by the presence/sounds of little ones, and I also thank you all for availing of the front-room simulcast or upstairs-nursery simulcast during the sermon/service as you have had need.  We will continue to monitor regional COVID-19 cases and instructions.  Above all, my hope is that church elders/deacons and staff are helping you continue to worship individually and communally, and it is simultaneously my expectation that you are remaining connected to the Ministry of the Word and growing in maturity with others  – as God draws us TOGETHER into the irresistible promises/glories of our rescue in JESUS ALONE.  This is my hope.

Every thought in life taken captive to Christ… to prompt obedience and faith.

Every thought of one another taken as from God … to prompt us to reach out/serve others intentionally!  Please do so…

Pastor Jim

Things to note regarding Lord’s Day Worship

Due to increasing attendance and a desire to socially distance, we have returned to two services (9&11am).
We are thankful to be an intergenerational congregation that prioritizes family worship. While we know we do not have nursery or children’s classes at this time, we are hopeful that – as ready – families will join in worship, unrestricted. We love having little ones in our sanctuary learning the rhythm of corporate worship. Should you find sitting in the sanctuary with infants to be noisy/stressful, please know that we are also live streaming the service to the front room as well as the nursery upstairs (where the toys have been removed for sanitation purposes)and offer that as an avenue should you have need. Please avail as you are comfortable. We are currently deliberating timelines related to childcare.

Please note that we do not have our usual time of overlap/refreshments. Instead, we are focusing on sanitizing the sanctuary and front room in between services.

Deacon Nominee Training

Reminder to Deacon nominees, our 4th training will be Monday, July 6 at 7pm at Christ Community (and by Zoom).
Congregation members, please continue in prayer for this process and the men who are navigating this calling according to Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3.

Care of Children During Worship

Beginning July 12, we will provide care for 2 and 3 year olds (24-47 months) during the sermon. Following the kids message, 2 and 3 year olds may join the teachers who will take them to the front courtyard area (outside). They will teach, do some activities, seek to maintain distancing, and bring the children back following the sermon.

July – Friday Night Seminars

We’ll resume our Friday night seminars in July. More details to come, but put these dates on your calendar:

July 10, Movie Night! The Riot and the Dance: Water

Join us as we watch this stunning, God-glorifying documentary that dives into oceans, rivers, and ponds to give a captivating glimpse of what our Creator has made. This will be enjoyable for everyone – young and old – and will leave you amazed at our Creator and his creatures. Watch the trailer online! Exact time to be determined.

July 31, Understanding and Encountering Islam

Clinton Ross is not only a gifted musician but also a bold evangelist with a solid knowledge of many other religions. Join us as he teaches us the main distinctions between Islam and Christianity and helps us move toward Muslims in love and bold faith.


Men’s Bible Study, Wednesdays, 7am (Not meeting 7/1 or 7/8
All gents are invited to a bible study and time of prayer at the church at 7am. Bring your bible & coffee!  Contact Paul Gorman with any questions (paul.w.gorman@gmail.com).

If you would like to learn more about Community Groups or Discipleship relationships, contact AJ
Babel, Minister of Discipleship (423-612-0123, babelaj@gmail.com).
If you desire prayer or personal/marital shepherding, please contact Rev. Bill Leuzinger, Minister of Shepherding (276-696-4692, leuzinger.bill@gmail.com).

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