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CCC family,

I pray you have had a blessed week… as FALL has arrived.  Yippee.  Its almost sweater weather.  Ha.

Please allow me to remind you of a basic call in our life: to prioritize the worship of God with his people!  Prioritize the complex community that we are, in Lord’s day worship and in daily/weekly engagement of one another (be it Community Groups, Discipleship Groups, or over lunch/coffee/playdates).  As we seek Christ for our rescue, personally and truly, we are meant to bump into one another (summary of last week message from Mark 5.21-42)!   We do not live to seek one another… no.  We are meant to seek HIM, and he prompts us to intersect one another’s lives in the process.  The more mature we grow in Christ, the more we realize those on our left/right as we journey in Him.

I cannot wait to navigate a new sermon series with you, beginning this Sunday – HABAKKUK.  I encourage you to read all of this short book this week, examining the banter and dialogue between the “assuming” prophet and God the “absolute” Creator/Sustainer/Judge/Redeemer.  This is a different type of prophetic book.  There is no “revelation” FOR the people of God, but rather a record of the question/response BETWEEN the prophet and God… no doubt for our good.  I hope that our saunter into this book through the Fall will expose our own broken assumptions about God, his work, his nature… it will call up our own question/response posture with God… and it will guide our faith in this time/place in light of the HARD things we see.

Are you willing to question your own assumptions?  Look into Habakkuk.

Are you willing to look differently at how God works?  Look into Habakkuk.

Are you curious the beauty of angry-prayer and trust in God?  Look into Habakkuk.

Do you need to see how your circumstances/assumptions relate to the JUSTIFYING WORK OF GOD (in Christ) as “the righteous shall live by his faith” (2.4)?  Look into Habakkuk.

I will see you this Lord’s Day.

[Oh, by the way, if you know of an ANGRY, ASSUMING, FRUSTRATED friend who wonders if God is asleep at the wheel or does not care… bring them with you… to look into Habakkuk.]


Pastor Jim

Joint Reformation Service – Sunday Evening, Oct. 27 @ 6PM

For the past several years, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Johnson City has hosted a joint Reformation Sunday Evening Worship Service for congregations in our area. This service has been a wonderful expression of our unity in Christ as joint heirs of our Reformation heritage, and all are invited to attend!

RUF at ETSU 20th Anniversary Celebration!

November 2, 12pm-2pm @ Christ Community Church
20 years ago, Curtis Stapleton planted a campus ministry on the campus of East Tennessee State University.  Since then, thousands of students’ lives have been touched by the gospel of Jesus Christ! Come connect with friends and enjoy a free lunch from Ridgewood BBQ.  At 1pm we will have a brief time of hearing testimonies of God’s great work over the last two decades and beyond.

Community Groups

Community Groups gather weekly to pursue maturity in Christ together as we spend time in fellowship, discuss & study God’s Word, and pray with and for one another. We invite you to be involved in our of our Community Groups as we intentionally develop Biblical community.  View groups HERE.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups meet regularly (often every other week) as a group of 3-5 men or women to interpret life together according to Scripture. Members minister to one another as we learn to live and believe God’s Word. We hope to launch a few more of these this month. If you’re interested in finding a few other men or women to be in a discipleship relationship with, contact AJ Babel (babelaj@gmail.com).


Men’s Bible Study, Wednesdays, 7am
Meeting at the church at 7am. Bring your Bible and coffee!  For 10/9 we will look at Habakkuk vs 1-11.  Contact Paul Gorman (423-483-8782, paul.w.gorman@gmail.com) with any questions.


Fall Gathering – Oct. 18-19

Ladies, please plan to be at our Fall Gathering here at the church the weekend of October 18-19! We will continue our study of the Attributes of God, and we will be delving into God’s Goodness and His Sovereignty.
More details in the RSVP link; we hope all our ladies can make it for this special weekend! RSVP HERE.

If you would like to learn more about Community Groups or Discipleship relationships, contact AJ
Babel, Minister of Discipleship (423-612-0123, babelaj@gmail.com).
If you desire prayer or personal/marital shepherding, please contact Rev. Bill Leuzinger, Minister of Shepherding (276-696-4692, leuzinger.bill@gmail.com).

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