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Christ Community Family,

Have you spiritually laughed this week?  Confident in the paradox of God’s provision, faithfulness, power to conquer sin and death?   Listen to Sunday’s sermon HERE.

Have you had a little “chortle” (thinking about Psalm 126) aware that we sow in tears now, but will one day not know anything but laughter and the victory over pain and sin?!  Oh how I hope.

As last Sunday we wrestled with longing for a river of eternal laughter from within a desert of tears… urgently hoping for RESURRECTION and RESCUE… THIS Sunday we consider the depths from which we are prone to know tears.  Circumstances may cause us aggravation, wondering how God’s providence is the source of annoying things that are for our good?! Aggravations and nuisances irrationally bring tears.  OR, those people we live with, love, or work with can also be the cause of our angst, fueling our immaturity in moments we pout or lash out with shame/disregard.  But the DEPTH of DEPTH, from which we should cry out audibly before God – according to Psalm 130 – is our SIN.  We are incapable of NOT sinning. If you should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand!?!  Oh, to be free of ugly, lustful, angry, anxious, rebellious thoughts – not to mention the destruction of others that can result from our actions that miss God’s holy mark.   How DO we cry out?  How CAN we stand?  What IS our hope?  What will God do?

I am deeply desirous to study Psalm 130 with you this Sunday.  For those of you whose TEARS I saw this past Sunday while preaching… thank you. You will laugh again.   The Psalms of Ascent have surely hit the spot.  They have exposed us to ourselves, deeply.  Others, humbly,   And God’s rescue, anticipatingly.   I hope this series has nourished you.  We will conclude it in 2 weeks, to launch a meditation in the Gospel of John.

Lord bless you this week,

Pastor Jim

A few other things:

– Please reach out to those nominated for elder-deacon.  Just ask how you might pray for them, get to know them, process with them.  Our election will be September 09.

– Please contact John and Emily Barrett to provide any donation, desert, or to offer your attendance at the International Student Lunch at ETSU on August 28! (jwbarrett.fsu@gmail.com, barrettemily25@gmail. com)

– Thank you for your prayers and patience as the front room gets concluded.  Our goal is still Labor Day for virtual completion and functionality, though it may flex.  I trust that, in God’s providence, we will one day look back and not recall the process of change, but will be utilizing every inch of the building as it is adapted for ministry use!  Thank to those serving and laboring.

– Text, call or grab coffee with someone this week – prioritizing those whom you may have met in the last month!

Covenant Kids Summer Schedule

During the months of June-August Covenant Kids will temporarily meet every other Sunday. We give thanks for the men and women who teach our young children, and we are delighted to give them a break! We welcome our children into the worship service, and we hope that families find this Summer schedule to be beneficial. Parents, please take advantage of the table at the back of the sanctuary where you will find children’s bulletins, sermon outline sheets for note taking, pens, crayons and also books to aid in their worship with us. We love children at CCC and know we will all benefit from worshiping as a church family.

Campus House Lunch – Aug. 28th

We have an opportunity to serve the students at ETSU by providing a lunch at the Campus House on Tuesday, August 28th.  We are planning to cater the lunch and provide homemade desserts.  We need volunteers who will donate toward the cost of food and/or bring a dessert, as well as those who can attend and fellowship with the students.  If you would like to donate, please contact John Barrett or Emily Barrett (jwbarrett.fsu@gmail.com, barrettemily25@gmail.com).  Thank you!

Elder/Deacon Election, Sunday September 09

After 6 months of nomination/training/study/prayer/examination per the PCA Book of Church Order chapter 24, the following prospective officers are presented to the congregation of Christ Community Church for election, having met with the session and have been considered called/qualified for the office of elder or deacon, per 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Over the month of August, the congregation is encouraged to pray for and engage these men and their spouses as a means of affirming their ‘outward call’ to serve the body of Christ at CCC.  A congregational meeting for election will be held on Sunday, September 9 following the service, with an installation date to be soon after.
Office of Elder: AJ Babel, Dustin Clark, Paul Gorman
Office of Deacon: Colm Thomsen, Michael Reneau

Sunday Lunch – Welcome back students! – Sept. 16 

On the First Sunday of each month, we fellowship over a meal together.  For the month of September our lunch will be on Sept. 16th (due to Labor Day and our Elder/Deacon election). We will be welcoming back our students!  We’re having a Mexican Fiesta, and you can bring your favorite Mexican dish to share!

Fall Farm Day – October 13th

Please plan to join us for a Fall Celebration at Apple Valley Farm (3755 Why 81 South, Jonesborough, owned by Michael & Arika Smith)!  There will be hay rides, a petting zoo, bonfire, and smores.  The church will provide BBQ; bring a side to share!  We will kick off at 5pm.  Please RSVP to christcommunity.jc@gmail.com.

Community Groups 

Our Community Groups will be launching the week of September 16. These are weekly gather-
ings in small groups for fellowship, Biblical discussion, and prayer for one another. Details will be coming in the next few weeks.  Sign-up sheets will be located at the sign-up table in the front
room – please let us know what area you live in as well as what night of the week you prefer.

Vision Night – Save the date of Nov. 3rd!

Please make sure to save the evening of Saturday, Nov. 3rd for our Vision Night. We hope everyone can plan to be there!


Men’s Bible Study, Wednesdays @ 7am

All gents are invited to “The Foundry” a bible study and time of prayer at Trinity Hand Specialists (2335 Knob Creek Rd. Suite 100).  We are currently working our way through the Psalms of Ascent.  We will look at Psalm 1333-134 for 8/22.  Contact Paul Gorman (423-483-8782, paul.w.gorman@gmail.com) with questions.


Wedding shower for Hannah Griffin – September 13th

Ladies, please save the date for a wedding shower for Hannah Griffin! Hannah and Houston Kilby are getting married on October 13th. We will gather together at 7pm on Thursday, September 13th for desserts, tea & coffee.  Hannah and Houston are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond.

 Women of the Church – Bridwell Heights – Sept. 22

All ladies are invited to attend a Fall Fellowship meeting at Bridwell Heights Presbyterian Church in Kingsport on September 22, 2018 from 9:30am -12:00pm.  Evangeline Light will be speaking on how “Women Need Women:  Nurturing one another” based on Titus 2.

Women’s Fall Gathering – October 5-6th

Ladies, please make sure you save the evening of October 5th and the morning of October 6th for our Fall Gathering!  This will be a wonderful opportunity for fellowship, growth, depth, and laughter among women in our church.  We would love for all our ladies to be there!  More details soon.


Youth Group Plans

The Sunday morning youth class has wrapped up for the Summer!  This will resume in the Autumn on Wednesday evenings at the Powell Home.  Stay tuned for more details!

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