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Err, house of Jacob.

Um, wrestling ones.

I make the assumption that you need, this very morning, to be reminded of the word from Exodus 19.1-6.  By  God’s gracious rescue in Christ, you ARE his treasured possession (19.4).  In whatever you face today – be it meetings at work, laundry at home, successes in school, diversion in a hobby, frustration in relationships, sorrow over sin, fear over the future, gladness over new friendships, confusion in loneliness – WHATEVER.  If you rest by grace through faith (a gift from God and not of yourself) on his rescue from your slavery of sin by Jesus who suffered the cost of disobedience even as he fulfilled God’s holy Law which has been credited to you – if you REST BY FAITH, then you are of a blessed, free, unbound IDENTITY as his chosen possession.  This is great news.  You and I GET to respond to the Spirit’s churning our hearts to want to honor his law, to live in that blessing.

This Sunday we will build on last week’s message as we turn to Exodus 19.7-25 and consider the “covenant making ceremony” that preceded the giving of God’s Law (Exodus 20) – wholly mediated by Moses.  God’s people needed to be PREPARED to worship and receive his Law. How consistent is the Word of God in its message that we (the house of Jacob and the church of Jesus) can only be prepared to engage God by means of an external MEDIATOR.  There is one Mediator between God and man – the ultimate Moses, Jesus himself.  Yet, how confrontational is the Word of God (be prepared) in how it exposes our preference that we represent ourselves, define ourselves, determine the limits of our relationship with God… and that is not possible.   Oh the goodness of the grace of God to give us a single, perfect Mediator by which he covers our sin and confirms his covenant love for us.

This week:

  • rehearse your identity – By grace, through faith, you ARE a treasured possession of God in Christ.  
  • recognize your calling – By obedience to his law, you ARE made to reflect his glory and be conformed to his holiness.  Righteousness is the goal of rescue!
  • relate to another – Come under and show priestly grace to another who is burdened by their performance and remind them of the storyline of GRACE.
Eager to see you Sunday.

Hopeful you won’t all sit in the back of the church (spread out, we need the seats!)

Much thanksgiving.



Dinner for Aaron & Laura Gentles – April 28th, 6:30pm

Please join us for dinner with Aaron & Laura Gentles on Saturday, April 28th at 6:30pm at Christ Community Church as our church family continues to show our love and support to them as they grieve the loss of their daughter, Ella Grace. This will be a time to fellowship, eat, and surround the Gentles with love, support, prayers, and encouragement. Please bring a side dish to share (BBQ provided).  RSVP here or to Megan Nelson (423-276-4741).

First Sunday Lunch – May 6th – Italian

Our next First Sunday Potluck will be May 6th, and it will be Italian!  Bring your favorite Italian dish to share!  The Nelson/Haaland Community Group is scheduled for set-up/clean-up.


Men’s Bible Study, Wednesdays @ 7am

All gents are invited to a “Wednesday Word Work” and time of prayer at Trinity Hand Specialists (2335 Knob Creek Rd. Suite 100).   We are working our way through Exodus and are currently studying Covenant Renewal Worship.  Contact Paul Gorman (423-483-8782, paul.w.gorman@gmail.com) with questions.


Wedding Shower for Courtney Hicks!  May 5th

All women of Christ Community Church are invited to celebrate Courtney’s upcoming wedding!  Please save the date of May 5th, 2pm for this celebration!  More details on location and registry to follow soon.

Community Groups 

Community groups are an important part of fellowship and discipleship at Christ Community. Community Groups spend time in fellowship, Word and prayer.  Community Groups have begun –  Please feel free to visit different groups and find the one that is the best fit! 

Clark Community Group

Meeting on Sundays at 5:30pm @ The Clark’s House (North Johnson City) with Dustin Clark leading (dmclar2@gmail.com, 423.741.1706).  Studying Hebrews.  Childcare provided.

Smith Community Group

Meeting on Sundays at 5pm (dinner 5-6, Study 6-7) @ The Smith’s House (Greenville/Chuckey) with Jason Smith leading (r3volution76@yahoo.com, 423.231.4321).  Studying 1 Peter.  Childcare Provided.

Haaland/Nelson Community Group

Meeting on Wednesdays at 6:30pm @ The Haaland’s House (Gray) with Rod Haaland (rod.haaland@gmail.com, 423.943.9947) leading.  Studying Judges.  Childcare Provided.  *Please note temporary location change.

Thomsen Community Group

Meeting Wednesdays at 5:30pm (dinner 5:30-6:30, study 6:30-7:30) at The Thomsen Home (North Johnson City) with Colm Thomsen (colm.thomsen@gmail.com, 423.557.4669), Hal Bohlman (allyhalod@yahoo.com, 423.483.8973), and Jim Powell (jim.christcommunity.jc@gmail.com, 803.609.1731) leading.  Studying Proverbs.  Childcare provided.

Youth Community Group in the Upper Room on Sundays @ 9:00am  

Meeting every Sunday, studying Parables.  Contact Ashleigh (423-534-5954, agfarmer14@gmail.com) and Jackson Farmer (423-202-8134) for more details.

Jr. Youth Community Group on Sundays @ 9:00am

For ages 8-11, Meeting every Sunday @9am in the Conference Room on the second floor.  Studying Exodus. Contact Kelly Smith (828.216.0268, kellys.smith@rocketmail.com) or Lindsey Hecht (lhecht@eastman.com) for more info.


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