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CCC Family,

What is your motive?  What drives you?

Why are you at worship on the Lord’s Day? (or not at worship some Lord’s Days?)

Why are you reading this email?

Motive is everything… and quite the complex reality when our hearts our described as “deceived” (Jeremiah 17.9) and in need of rescue.  Even as God renews and awakens our heart, we remain caught in a wrestling match between the motives of our flesh/spirit (Galations 5).   We operate with redeemed hearts that fight a vast spectrum of motives….

This Lord’s Day, as we turn to John 2.12-25, there are many MOTIVES at play in the story of Jesus cleansing the temple.  What is John’s motive to place the story at the beginning of his gospel, compared to the other gospels recording the scene later in their narrative?  What is the motive of the countless crowd who journeyed to Jerusalem’s temple for the Passover?  What was the motive of the priests to allow the sale of oxen, sheep and pigeons in the outer court of the temple?  What was the driving motive of Jesus’ zeal in overturning the tables of the money changers?  What was the motive of Jesus veiled announcement of his coming death/resurrection?  What is the Spirit’s intent (motive) for our understanding through this text?

The Gospel of John has launched with a bold announcement of WHO Jesus is, and how he is inaugurating something TOTALLY NEW (2.1-12, water to wine) for his glory and the good of his people.  Come and worship this Lord’s Day, bring your motives… and may the Lord show us the explosive newness of his presence among his people through Jesus, the true Temple.

I hope to also see you on Saturday evening at Apple Valley Farm for our church Fall Farm Day!  Please remember to RSVP HERE if you haven’t already.

Peace today!


Help Set up a church library

CCC has been blessed to be gifted a significant portion of the library of Pastor Steve Perkins, which
we hope will be used by God to inform/grow the worldview and knowledge of our body. We want
to honor Steve and Cindy by setting up a beautiful and organized “library” in the Upper Room. If
you are interested in joining others in a short term project to assemble IKEA shelves and categorize
hundreds of books, please email Joseph Barnet at joey.barnet@gmail.com.

Church Work Day – Oct. 20th – 8am

We are planning to have a church work day on Saturday, October 20th @8am!   Please RSVP to christcommunity.jc@gmail.com so we can plan accordingly for the morning tasks to tackle!  We will be filling another dumpster for those that need an experience of release!

Community Groups 

Our Community Groups are now meeting! These are weekly gatherings in small groups for fellowship, Biblical discussion, and prayer for one another. Click here for group details.

Vision Night – Save the date of Nov. 3rd – 6pm

Last year we hosted a very special Vision Night with the majority of our church in attendance! We are
hopeful to have a special evening on Saturday, November 3 in which we will focus on the beautiful and
deep exposure that we have experienced as a church this year. Please promptly RSVP so we can plan
for your presence and I would humbly ask you prioritize this special evening of ambiance, hospitality
and community! Child care and dinner will be provided. You can RSVP here.  If you are interested in helping with this event, please contact Lauren Clark (210.355.5527).

Fall Ministries Launching!

– Community Groups – Now meeting!  Click here for group details.

– Adult Sunday morning seminars – We’ll be discussing “Discipleship Relationships” the next 2 Sundays (10/14, 10/21). Whether you are currently in a discipleship group or are curious to hear about our approach to discipleship, please join us at 9:30 on the 2nd floor. Coming up: Covenant
Theology (November).
– Covenant Children – shepherding our children in age appropriate ways through intergenerational
worship and intentional Lord’s Day training (supporting parental discipleship).  *Our 1-2nd and 3-5th grade classes have begun meeting at 9:30am!


Men’s Bible Study, Wednesdays @ 7am

All gents are invited to “The Foundry” a bible study and time of prayer at Trinity Hand Specialists (2335 Knob Creek Rd. Suite 100).  Studying the Gospel of John (John 3:1-15 on 10/17).  Contact Paul Gorman (423-483-8782, paul.w.gorman@gmail.com) with questions.


Girls Night – October 26th

We’re having another Girl’s Night Out! We’re gathering together at Emily Barrett’s house for an evening
of fun, fellowship, and front porch sittin’! We’ll be meeting on Friday, October 26th at 6pm at 413 West
Locust Street, Johnson City. Come and bring a dessert or appetizer to share!


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12:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Weekend Masses In Español

Saturday Vigil: 6:15pm

Sunday: 9:00am, 7:15pm

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