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Scripture Reading:  Luke 14.1-25

Christ Community Family,

I hope that you are having a great week!

Last Sunday, during our time in Luke 14.1-15, we examined PART of a single scene in the gospel of Luke (14.1-25), weighing the actions of Jesus as he crashed the party of the religious Pharisee and indiscriminately confronted the compassion-less legalism, self-promotional honor, and selfish-generosity that he observed.  It is all so ANTITHETICAL to his kingdom!   There is NO superiority in the Kingdom of Jesus!  Only the humble will be exalted!  How tragic that self-orbiting superiority could ever be normalized in our cultured hearts or anywhere associated with Christ’s church.


During the sermon I used an illustration that some of us tend to be like “shirker bulls” (elk who refuse to participate in the annual “Rut” and do not square off with other elks to sire the next generation but rather pour their caloric energy into growing exceptionally large antlers).   What sorrow that we would avoid kingdom risk and cost, but turn everything back in on ourselves and the benefits of our own faith.  May we not be Shirkers (spiritual takers versus sacrificial givers) – who shirk the most costly aspects of kingdom hospitality and sacrifice…


In the midst of that party, at least one onlooker was stunned by the alternative definitions of Jesus.  How UPSIDE-DOWN was Jesus’ definition of exaltation!  How RIGHT-SIDE-UP!!!  This individual let out a spontaneous declaration (v.15) – Jesus, blessed is EVERYONE who will eat bread in the kingdom of God!  (Translation: Jesus, YOU should throw a shin-dig!”  (Isn’t that what the kingdom of Triune hospitality will ultimately be?!?  A party of only-righteousness and only-good in a world with only-goodness with conversations that happen for only-worship, in a place that is only-forever and where people experience only-peace because they are humbled to be present because of only-mercy.)  What a shin-dig awaits people in Jesus’ kingdom!


This Sunday we will be sobered by Jesus’ response to the eager kingdom-participant.  Not EVERYONE will be blessed, because not EVERYONE will find God’s kingdom to be worthy of their time, treasure, talents… Indeed, Jesus (at the same party) tells a parable with a single point.  Most who are invited will SHRUG it off because of transitory excitement or obligation.  Would it not be our response!

This Lord’s Day, come and look at Jesus with me.  Grab a friend to join you…

May the Lord convict the Shirkers.  Confront the Shruggers.  And excite up some Shin-diggers.

We should be so… different.



Note:  We will plan to keep the worship space set up with the center aisle for a few weeks… as we weigh pros/cons for congregational accessibility and intimacy.

Men’s Bible Study, Wednesdays @ 7am

All gents are invited to a “Wednesday Word Work” and time of prayer at 7am, at Trinity Hand Specialists (2335 Knob Creek Rd. Suite 100).  Join us for our next meeting on August 16th as we study Revelation Chapter 2 verses 18 through 29, John’s letter to the Thyatiran church.  Contact Paul Gorman (423-483-8782paul.w.gorman@gmail.com) with questions.

Pool Party Picnic – August 19th @ Martindale Pool

Mark your calendars for our final Summer picnic! We’ll be having a pool party at the Martindale Pool (3407 Manchester Ln, Johnson City, TN 37601) @ 6:00pm. Hot dogs and water provided; bring a side to share!  Please RSVP to christcommunity.jc@gmail.com if you plan to attend!

First Sunday lunch – Welcome back students! September 3rd

Our next First Sunday lunch is Sept. 3rd, and we will be welcoming back our students! We’ll be having a Mexican Fiesta, and you can bring your favorite Mexican dish to share! Thomsen/Farmer Community group is scheduled for set-up/clean up.

Vision Night – September 9th

Mark your calendars for a Vision Night on Saturday, September 9th! This will be a special dinner event with celebration, testimonies, and sharing of the vision of Christ Community, emphasizing goals for 2017-18. Please begin to make plans to be there!

International Student Lunch – September 12th 

Hello Friends!  Once again we have an opportunity to serve the International Students at ETSU by providing a lunch at the Campus House on Tuesday, September 12th.  We are planning to cater the lunch and provide homemade desserts.  We need volunteers who will donate toward the cost of food and/or bring a dessert, as well as those who can attend and fellowship with the students.  Please contact Emily Barrett if you’re interested or have any questions (barrettemily25@gmail.com, 423.741.9698).  Thanks!

Community Group Information

Community groups are an important part of fellowship and discipleship at Christ Community. Community Groups spend time in fellowship, Word and prayer.  After labor day, community groups will start back up; currently the groups are:

Youth Community Group in the Upper Room on Sundays @ 9:30am:  Next Sunday meeting:  August 20th, 9:30am, studying the “I Am” statements of Jesus.  Contact Ashleigh (423-534-5954, agfarmer14@gmail.com) and Jackson Farmer (423-202-8134) for more details.*Please note that there is also a separate group for 9-11 year olds that meets at this same time.






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